Declaration of performance

Declaration of Performance for laminate floor coverings

DOP stands for “Declaration of performance”, and it relates to the product you have purchased. It is required under the European Construction Products Regulation, and must therefore be provided by every manufacturer. You can view the DOP or Declaration of Performance for Kronoflooring GmbH laminate floorings here, and find out about the company’s declared performances.

The overview of Kronoflooring performances, which is available for you below as a free download, covers laminate floorings under EN 13329 in thicknesses from 6 to 12mm. The manufacturer’s intended use as covered in the DOP encompasses use as a floor covering in buildings as per the Kronoflooring GmbH specifications. Further information on the declared performances, such as fire performance, slip resistance or electrical behavior, can be found in the overview of performance available here.

DOP - Download